Alcester Helicopter Club Profile

By | September 16, 2019

The Alcester Helicopter Club is a BMFA affiliated club and was formed in the 1990’s by a small group of enthusiasts wishing to learn the art of flying their marvellous flying machines.

The local Rugby club was kind enough to allow the founding members to use the Rugby club grounds to fly in, as the club grew and needed more space the club moved to a larger site, as with most club’s due to reasons beyond our control over the years several flying sites have been used. The club has been using the current flying site for the past 12 years located in the Warwickshire/Worcestershire border, with having a very good relationship with the farmer we have 360 days a year use of the site.

We are a friendly group of likeminded helicopter pilots who welcome all, the young and the older generation to come and have a look and participate in our sport, the club is happy to give advice to anyone who asks.

The pilots in the club have a mixed degree of ability from the humble beginner to the competition pilot, flying a wide variety of machines from vintage to the very latest models which include the training type helicopter, the fully acrobatic and scale helicopters powered by a variety of electricity, glow fuel and petrol engines and not forgetting the newer form of model flight of multirotor models.

The club instructor has purchased a model for training purposes and is available for use as a training helicopter with a buddy box system to aid the novice pilot.

Our flying site is nice and wide with the sun behind the pilot throughout the day, we have a hard-standing car parking at the site which allows all year-round usage of our facilities.

BMFA membership/insurance can be arranged by the club.

BMFA BPC and A tests can be carried out on demand with B tests available by appointment.

The Alcester Helicopter Club has membership spaces available.

Full membership and day membership for a small fee and is available by contacting the club sectary

Please look on our web site for further information.

David Payne
Club Chairman