Club Investment

The aim of your club’s PR activities is to give a positive and lasting impression, both of your club and model flying. One way that you can make a long lasting impression is for the club to invest in good quality and durable promotional material.

A few examples of the types of promotional products that are eyecatching, long lasting and inexpensive are listed below.

Large format outdoor banners.

Pull-up banners.

Laminated reusable posters.

Sail flags.

Customised and branded gazebo.

Branded club clothing and accessories.

Does your club use a local model shop that would like additional promotion? If asked, they may be willing to have their logo added to your club’s promotional material in return for paying part of the cost of production. We often find many clubs worry about ordering PR material because of the need for logos or artwork. Many suppliers will often include free artwork if asked, equally this is something that the BMFA may be able to offer additional support with.

The most important thing to focus on is making your club visible within the community in a polished, professional, attractive, yet approachable way.