The very best way that your club can have its information available to both members and potential members, 24 hours a day, is through a club website. Think of these as a business card for your club. Anything that you want to tell people about your club should be on your club’s website.

Part of being an affiliated club means that the BMFA can help you to set up and host a club website free of charge. We can also provide training so you can keep it up to date with all of your club’s latest information and events.

The best websites engage their viewers through a mixture of great pictures, snappy short shots of information, and an easy to follow format that isn’t too fussy. Make sure that the important information for potential new members
is very easy to find. Things like; what is the best way to contact the club? What to expect when they arrive? Can the club offer a trial flight? How will they learn to fly? Describe these in a clear fashion that isn’t too technical.

Make sure that your website gets the message across that being a part of your club and the world of model flying is
fun and enjoyable.

Setting up a website is a very quick and effective way for you to promote your club. The BMFA is here to guide and assist you every step of the way.