Local Community Visibility

78% of all model flyers are introduced to the sport through a friend, family member, or friend who is a member of a flying club. Nowhere is recruitment for club members as successful than the club itself going out into the local community and promoting itself.

The ways you can do this are extensive, we’ve listed a few examples below to get you started. Often a simple discussion with fellow club friends will bring many more ideas to light.

  • Village or school fêtes and galas.
  • Local agricultural, memorabilia or car shows. Perfect events where you will have a great mixture of all ages and families at one place.
  • Shopping and Leisure Centre events, Christmas fairs, food and drink events, school holiday sports events etc.
  • Supermarket stands. We know of several clubs that have found these very successful. When done midweek they tend to attract a more mature audience, at weekends a younger and family audience.
  • Scout, Girl Guide, ATC or any other local youth group. Model flying is part of many of these groups activity programmes and will welcome your club’s approach.
  • Sports clubs; Football, rugby, hockey, bowls club etc.
  • Local interest groups; Rotary International, WI, historical groups, bridge clubs etc.

All of the above ideas will give a broad cross-section of the public and will allow your club to interact with them at all times of the year.