Flight Training

Having a structured training programme in place for new flyers, with defined training sessions is a proven way of attracting new blood to your club and also retaining existing members.

The RC Achievement Scheme is the prefect way of delivering this. The scheme is run by the BMFA as a national scheme and it is open to all RC model flyers. This also has the added benefit of making your club a safer place to be at and enjoy being a member of. The scheme is not primarily about permitting or licensing, fundamentally it is all about personal goals and challenges. It is intended to provide every RC flyer with something to aspire to and aim for, should they so wish.

You will find the team behind the Achievement Scheme very relaxed and approachable, they love to see nothing more than a progressive club that offers this facility to those members that would like to explore their personal flying goals.

You can find out more about starting a Club Training Programme through Club Support Officer, Andy Symons. You will also find lots of interesting information and insight at the Achievement Scheme website.