Events – Club Based

Putting on fun, positive and accessible club-site based events can be one of the very best ways of getting new faces along to your flying site and interacting with potential new members.

If these events can allow your visitors an opportunity to have a go on the club trainer, you have a much stronger chance of grabbing their interest and showing them that the sport is for them. They will experience first hand the addictive fun and camaraderie of model flying.

Whilst a straight forward ‘Try Model Flying’ day is a perfect introduction, holding other types of events can reap equal rewards. Another great way of showcasing your club to people that might not normally show an interest in model flying, is to hold a club BBQ, with all members encouraged to invite their friends and family along.

The list of potential events that your club could host is vast, why not work in conjunction with another local interest group? Anything that will get fresh faces to your site and allow them to interact with your club is the aim. It is important that the events are fun, initially not too technical, easily accessible for all age groups and with a clear path
forwards for anyone who might be interested in taking the next steps.

The BMFA can supply lots of support material… use of the simulator trailer, give-away goodies, artwork and printing support are just a few examples. Don’t forget that you already have event insurance in
place as part of the Affiliation Partnership.