A Social Club In The Community

We hope this guide has given you and your club members many ideas of how to attract more people into showing an interest in your club and the world of model flying. From the outset it was designed for clubs as away of gaining
inspiration, allowing them to select projects to try, safe in the knowledge that the BMFA is on hand to help and guide whenever the need arises.

There is no doubt, if we could get a sizeable proportion of affiliated clubs to work through this guide, ticking off each page as your club progresses from project to project, it would bring a very real and positive impact for your club, the sport of model flying and the model trade too.

No matter what PR activities your club decides to try, focus on making sure that your club comes over as a welcoming, fun and enjoyable place to spend time. You know the personal pleasure that model flying gives you, the friendships you have made, the personal challenges you have enjoyed and succeeded at. If you can pass on that enthusiasm to your local community, your club will soon be welcoming new members.

Andy Symons – BMFA Club Support Officer
Paul Tallett – BMFA PR Consultant
0116 244 0028