Club Support Materials – BMFA Supplied

We mentioned on the events page about some of the goodies that the BMFA can offer your club to support your activities and events. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a give-away and a potential new member visiting your club would love to take away a small gift. Not only is it a nice thing for a club to hand out, they will also remind
visitors about your club and model flying, hopefully encouraging them to take the next steps.

The BMFA can help your club with other support over and above pens, stickers, badges etc. If you’re holding an event, high quality, professionally produced artwork, posters and flyers are a great help and will really make your club stand out. The BMFA can offer this kind of professional support including help with artwork and printing. All you have to do is ask and we’ll do what we can.

There is no better way to get somebody interesting in exploring more about model flying than getting them hands-on with a transmitter and flying. The BMFA Flight Simulator Trailer is a free to use resource and presents a great opportunity as a promotional and recruitment tool at events where you will find potential new members.

The simulator does book up rapidly each year so this is very much a resource that your club should book well in advance, maybe working an event around it once you know your club has a booking of the simulator secured.